Lean back is The Economist Group’s marketing blog for top thinkers and practitioners to share ideas for engaging with consumers in new ways. We post a mix of data, news, and commentary from around the world that provides insights into the evolution of multi-platform marketing.


Big Data

Leveraging terabytes of social media and mobile data within the constraints of corporate budgets remains a technical challenge. And as the volume of data multiplies geometrically, the challenge to scoop the right insights still defies marketers. We will give voice to the best practices and ideas to get the job done.


There are lessons to be drawn from the combination of legacy media and the new tools of digital and mobile channels. We aim our focus at the intersection of physical and digital branding, emerging channels and the role of media and technology in brand communications.


Part artist, part technician, part scientist, the new chief marketer has to build new relationships within and outside an organization. We will explore the challenges to collaborating with other disciplines and suggest changes to break through silos.


An empowered consumer armed with mobile platforms, social media, the promise of wearable devices and other disruptive technologies, all force marketers to rethink the rules of engagement. We will track the changing ways brands communicate with customers and each other.

The next big thing

3-D printing, facial-recognition mobile apps and other key trends will hit the business of marketing in ways we can’t yet predict. But we will try to look into the horizon—and sometimes into the past—for the next disruption to come.