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The Economist releases the first-ever global Consolidated Media Report

Gone are the days when there was only one way to consume your weekly edition of The Economist. You can, of course, still read the print edition (and a lot of you do), but you can also now read and/or listen to The Economist on your iPad, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Nook and iPhone. And you can engage with The Economist on a number of social media sites, including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and now even Pinterest. What’s more, these digital platforms transcend national boundaries, allowing us to reach a dynamic global audience.

Jerry Wright, chief executive of ABC UK, wrote on this blog that as “the number of channels and platforms proliferates, measurement standards must follow”. Or as George Janson, managing partner and director of print for GroupM, put it, publishers need to show advertisers “the beef”. Fortunately, with these digital platforms, we can measure our engagement with readers in ways we never could in print.

In keeping with this focus on measurement and transparency, we’ve released the first-ever global Consolidated Media Report (CMR) and our second North American CMR. This report provides a comprehensive look at the value of The Economist across all of its diverse platforms in every region of the world.

Some highlights from the report include:

- Total print and paid digital editions circulation: 1.55+ million

- Total social media engagement with The Economist: 5.6 million

- Average visit duration on roughly 9 minutes

As more companies look to grow their business beyond borders, they must reach new customers in global markets. And being one of the few truly global media brands, it’s crucial that The Economist provide as much clarity and data on our global audience as possible. At the end of the day, our readers aren’t defined by nationality or demographics, but by their intellectual curiosity, global mind-set and belief in intelligent discussion and debate.   

Transparency is important. This global report is the first of many steps in that direction. 


You can read the global Consolidated Media Report here.