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The Economist’s push toward greater transparency in publishing

A message to advertisers

This morning, The Economist became the first weekly magazine to release a Consolidated Media Report, or CMR. The report provides a comprehensive look at the value of The Economist across all of its diverse platforms.

Working with the Audit Bureau of Circulations, we have unveiled a range of data on the publication’s reach in North America, including:

- Print and digital circulation for The Economist in North America893,208 

- Economist app total unique devices in North America: 255,425

- Average digital subscription price in North America: $105.11

- Total page views for The Economist online in North America: 14,914,663

- Global social media interactions for

- Facebook: 1,009,815

- Twitter: 2,279,796

- YouTube: 502,118

- Tumblr: 43,007

- LinkedIn: 23,003

The release of our CMR is important because we’re now able to paint a more holistic picture of the audience relationship and touch points with the brand. As the report shows, The Economist is more than a print magazine; it is now a publication that flourishes across platforms. From our increasingly popular iPad app, to our over 2 million Twitter followers, to our still robust print magazine, we have a fantastically engaged audience across a variety of platforms. This CMR allows us to show advertisers the true reach of The Economist across all of these different mediums.

We view this CMR as a first step in providing clarity and transparency around The Economist’s digital engagement. It’s easy to forget that new magazine platforms such as the iPad have only been in existence for two years. Given this, publishers and advertisers are still working to comprehend how the technology is transforming reader engagement – and how to accurately measure this engagement. We believe our CMR will serve as a foundation to help the entire industry make sense of this flood of new tablet data.

Of course, understanding digital metrics will continue to be an ongoing process for the publishing and advertising communities. As new data becomes available, we will refine and re-develop our CMR. Further, the entire report will always be audited and available publicly, and we encourage other publishers to do the same. A better understanding of reader engagement can only help the industry as a whole.

The Economist’s readers have always been a well-informed and curious lot. They’ve also recently proven to be on the forefront of technological innovation, consuming The Economist on a variety of new digital platforms. As the number of ways to access our publication has grown, we must now make sense of the data and show advertisers the true value of The Economist brand.

An excerpt from our recently released CMR, showing the reach of The Economist on the iPad (North America only)