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NewsCred kicks off our new video series

Digital disruptors

Over the past few months, the Lean Back 2.0 blog has brought together some of the leading thinkers in the media industry to discuss the impact new digital devices are having on publishing. Now, we’re adding even more voices into the conversation in a new video series we’re calling “digital disruptors”.

We’re inviting disruptive innovators who are shaking up the media industry to tell us how they are pushing the limits of media and publishing and why. We’ve already had some talented disruptors – including Jonah Peretti, chief executive of BuzzFeed; Dennis Mortensen, chief executive of Visual Revenue; and Deanna Zandt, media technologist – join us in our New York studio, and we’ll be posting the best insights from their interviews on the blog over the coming weeks. If you have suggestions for disruptors you think we should include in the series, please let us know in the comments section below.

Kicking off our digital disruptors series is Shafqat Islam, founder and chief executive of NewsCred, a self-styled newswire for the 21st century. NewsCred works by licensing content from top news outlets, such as The Economist (full disclosure), the Guardian and Reuters, and connecting the news with the brands and publishers who need it most. NewsCred has partnered with Pepsi to gather and license content for their PepsiPulse multimedia website and has helped the New York Daily News create a website with curated stories on South Asian affairs

We sat down with Islam to learn more about how tablets are disrupting the way we consume news and the implications for the publishing industry.