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Paul Canetti on the rebirth of lean-back reading

Digital disruptors

As part of our “digital disruptors” video series, we’re inviting the innovators shaking up the media industry to tell us how they are pushing the limits of media and publishing – and why. Today’s disruptor is Paul Canetti, founder and chief executive of MAZ, who works at the nexus of publishing and digital reading.

Publishers face a number of hurdles when creating iPad apps. It’s not only quite costly, but as Jamie Jouning, digital director at Condé Nast UK, points out in his Lean Back 2.0 post, there’s a shortage of talented iPad designers. Yet as more and more people turn to digital reading, having an iPad app is now a necessity. That’s where MAZ comes in. Publishers can use the MAZ platform to create a native iPad app and fill their digital editions with enhanced multimedia features – without having to know any code. We sat down with Canetti to explore the impact the iPad has had on publishing and why it’s taken us back to an age of lean-back reading.