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Taking stock and moving forward

Six months ago, we launched the Lean Back 2.0 blog to better understand the impact that new digital technologies, particularly the tablet, were having on publishing and advertising. We invited leading thinkers in the media industry to join the discussion and give their perspectives on the digital transition. The response so far has been overwhelming. In just six months, we’ve had over 100 posts from 50 different contributors.

Now, as the summer comes to a close, we’re pleased to announce some exciting changes to the Lean Back 2.0 blog. We’ll continue to serve as a platform for industry leaders to come together and share best practices and forward-thinking ideas, but we’ll also be adding more original analysis on tablet reading and even covering some new topics.

Ahead of the release of brand-new research by The Economist Group and the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism on digital news consumption, we’ll be digging deep into how readers are using mobile platforms. How often do tablet owners read news on their device? When are readers more likely to use their tablet versus their smartphone? How receptive are tablet and smartphone users to advertising on their devices?

We’ll also be broadening our scope to cover how publishers are using social media to engage with readers. In a post for this blog, managing director Rob Grimshaw wrote, “Increasingly, social media is an access point and nexus for online pursuits. It’s exerting a gravitational pull that’s dragging other types of web activity into the social realm. News is no exception”. We agree. Readers now want to read content on their tablets, smartphones, news aggregators and social media sites. We’ll examine this important shift in more detail in the coming months.

In addition, we’ve brought a new assistant editor into the Lean Back 2.0 blog. Nilam Patel will be joining me to do original reporting on the leading digital trends and curating the best stories on digital publishing.

Lastly, we envision this blog as more than just a place for us to supply you with information. We want your participation, insights and fresh ideas. Please let us know what topics in digital publishing you want covered in the next few months. If there are experts you want to hear from, let us know and we’ll try to get them involved.

Join us as we discuss, debate and shape the future of media.