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Measuring our reader engagement across digital platforms

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The Economist prides itself on having the smartest, most-engaged readers on the planet. When we recently asked you to send in photos of how you enjoy The Economist, the response was staggering. We received photos of you reading The Economist print edition on the beach, browsing The Economist online during your lunch break and leaning back with The Economist iPad app before bed.

What was astounding was not just the number of photos we received, but the variety of platforms featured in the photos. With over one million Facebook fans, a popular website and a growing digital readership, it is clear that we are no longer a publication that can measure our influence through print subscriptions alone.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that The Economist is the first weekly publication to work with the Audit Bureau of Circulations on a Consolidated Media Report (CMR), which provides a comprehensive look at the value of The Economist across all of its diverse platforms. The report illustrates The Economist’s growing reach not just in print, but online, on social media and on digital platforms such as the iPad. 

Some highlights from the report include:

– As of April 10, The Economist had over 1 million Facebook fans and close to 2.3 million Twitter followers

– The Economist website had over 3.5 million unique views and 6.6 million total visits in March (North America only)

– Over 255,000 tablet devices accessed The Economist app in March (North America only)

These numbers illustrate how tech-savvy our readers truly are. With digital-only subscriptions now making up 6% of our North American total, The Economist has one of the highest percentages of digital readers compared with other magazines. The popularity of our Facebook page also surpasses most other comparable publications. These strong digital figures further complement the growth of The Economist print edition, which now reaches over 840,000 people in North America alone. 

As the report shows, our well-informed and curious readers have demanded to consume The Economist on a variety of platforms, and we have obliged. Now, it’s time for us to provide a clear and transparent look at these new types of reader engagement. We are thankful to you, our audience, for leading us in this digital direction.

To read the full CMR, please click here