A call for more interactive advertising on the tablet

I wrote recently about the merits of Lean Back advertising on a tablet, and how magazines and newspapers nurture a strong and consistent advertising revenue stream by closely replicating the sophistication of print ads on tablet PCs.

A new study by Kantar Media goes even further, outlining the potential for advertisers to not only replicate print ads, but to use the powerful digital medium to get even more creative with their advertising. By incorporating elements such as interactivity, advertisers can use tablets to create more user-driven advertising. The report states,

“Our comparison of print and tablet magazine advertisements revealed that the majority of the tablet magazine ads were repurposed print creatives without elaborate animations or advanced interactive features, other than links to the advertisers’ web site or social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”

The report goes on to suggest that ads with deeper interactive elements were to be found in publications with a more “tech-savvy” audience, such as Wired magazine, which included an automotive advert that allowed readers to access image galleries, video, animation and movement-based features that allowed them to shake, lift or rotate their tablet.

The report concludes by stating that tablet ad creativity will play a “key role for tablets in the future of advertising to come.”

With so many media outlets scrambling for revenue, and the Lean Back experience opening doors to a whole new segment of users, it seems that innovation in advertising has the potential to not only capture our attention, but perhaps be a whole experience in and of itself.

Image courtesy of Kantar Media.