All publishers to embrace mobile in 2013

A new survey from the Alliance for Audited Media of North American media companies found that all 210 expect to optimize their content for mobile devices–either via a native or web app–in 2013.


With over 50 percent of Americans now owning a smartphone or a tablet, publishers are seeing an increasing amount of traffic coming from mobile devices. 25 percent of traffic to now comes through mobile, up from 15 percent a year before. And publications as diverse as and have reported similar numbers. 

In addition to mobile web traffic, publishers have also seen an increase in circulation from their mobile and tablet native apps (ie, those found in the Apple Newsstand store). In the first half of 2012, digital edition circulation doubled compared to a year earlier. Given these numbers, it’s no surprise that 100 percent of publishers want their content to be available–and look good–on smartphones and tablets. 

Publishers are hoping that this shift to mobile will provide some financial relief. The survey found that 27 percent of publishers expect mobile to generate 10-19 percent of circulation revenue by the end of 2014. 


The survey also shows that publishers anticipate mobile advertising revenue playing an increasingly important role in the years to come. 

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If you’re interested in reading the full survey results, you can go here