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Announcing the winners of the mobile news infographic challenge


A few months ago, The Economist Group and the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism released new research confirming the important role that mobile devices play in how we get our news. The study found that the US has crossed a mobile threshold, with 50 percent of US adults now owning a tablet or smartphone — and 64 percent of tablet owners reporting they use the device for reading the news. 

We wrote on some of the report’s key findings (including the rise of the multi-platform news consumer and the effectiveness of tablet ads), but we couldn’t cover it all. The research generated a vast amount of data on our mobile reading habits. In order to make sense of this data, The Economist Group and Pew challenged you to create a compelling infographic that represented the data visually. With the help of platform partner, The Economist Group and Pew sifted through the many submissions and selected the four winning designs below. All winners managed to transform complex data on our mobile reading habits into beautiful and creative infographics. 

1. This clean design from Jen Lebeau and Amy Li captures some of the main findings on mobile reading with easy-to-understand charts. 

The Future of News on Mobile

  2. This playful infographic from Damage (Máriusz Bari) and Tablet2Cases features an interesting juxtaposition between the subject of the data, tablets and smartphones, and the “old-timey” design. 

The Great Tablet Society and Its Rituals Revealed
 3. This infographic from ElkanoData takes readers through a boardgame-esque journey about mobile reading. 
The Explosion in Mobile Audiences

 4.  This design was submitted by Brittany Furbee, a student in West Virginia University’s Visual Journalism class, as part of her coursework. 

How Are People Receiving Their News Subscriptions?

 Which of these infographics do you think tells the mobile reading story the best?