The next big thing

President Obama and his iPad

In a piece for the New York Times, Amy Chozik explores President Obama’s news diet. Not only is the president an avid reader of the news, it turns out he’s an avid reader of news on his iPad. Chozik writes that President Obama “typically begins his day upstairs in the White House reading the major newspapers, including his hometown Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, mostly on his iPad through apps rather than their Web sites.” President Obama’s personal reading habits certainly reflect the trend of “power news users” gravitating to the iPad. These avid news readers are more likely to own a tablet, read news on a tablet and pay for their news. ¬†

Chozik goes on to say that “during the day, Mr. Obama reads newspapers on his iPad and print copies of magazines like The Economist and The New Yorker“. ¬†Despite his transition to digital reading, it seems President Obama is still holding on to that trusty paper version of The Economist. Mr. President, I refer you to our Economist iPad app.¬†