The next big thing

Shouldn’t we let tablets just be themselves?

The new iPad has additional functions that are leading it to be more like a personal computer.  Stephen Shankland, Technology Editor at CNET News, says Apple’s new iPad, “isn’t yet ready to push aside the PC, but steady improvements mean ever more computing work will get done on iPads.”  Indeed he is correct that with the small but well-received improvements of retina display and 4G LTE wireless networking on the newly-released iPad, getting work done on a tablet is becoming easier and more attractive. Apps like OnLive Desktop  stream Windows 7 to your iPad for free and it seems like only a matter of time before Microsoft develops apps for its suite of Office products. But is this what we want out of our iPads—the ability to work like we do on a PC?  Is it now just an external keyboard that distinguishes a PC from a tablet—and therefore distinguishes Lean Back from Lean Forward?