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The content marketing saturation crisis

It's time to leverage artificial intelligence to break from the echo chamber

To gauge the state of content marketing today, you don’t have to look much further than Twitter. Nearly three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies have active Twitter accounts and the social network has become a very popular way to build relationships, serve customers and share industry news. 

But that popularity means Twitter has become awash with the same stories from the same sources. Businesses have a hard time sharing truly original content that prospects haven’t seen somewhere else. Twitter has become an echo chamber.

contentimage1Sharing relevant content is fundamental to growing an audience, but that content has to be original to gain traction. With 95 percent of enterprise B2B businesses using some form of content marketing today, sharing truly original content is harder than ever before.  

The result of all the sharing and re-sharing is content marketing saturation. Companies usually don’t have the resources to create enough pieces of original content throughout the day, so most add content curation to the mix, spending hours looking for relevant content to share across social media networks or place in email newsletters.

When surveyed, 85 percent of businesses said that the goal of content curation was to build thought leadership. But how is that possible when every competitor and peer is more or less trying to do the same… with the same content?

If consumers already have access to similar stories from other businesses, there’s no incentive to follow another brand. 

In a world of infinite content, people are only going to stop and engage with highly relevant material. That’s why companies need to start personalizing the content on a much more individual level.

By matching advanced artificial intelligence that combs fully vetted source libraries, this is finally possible. Marketers can curate niche content that learns as a reader or curator engages, delivering a highly personalized experience.

The next wave of content curation will seamlessly combine this highly relevant content from original sources with automation that can discover, trap and deliver it – in real-time – across social media networks and email newsletters.  

Ironically, the answer to content marketing saturation isn’t going to be less content, it’s going to be more. More personal, more targeted and more effective.