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The Hipster, the Fridgepad, the iBallz: iPad stands help you ‘lean back’

One of the phenomena around Apple’s iPad is the proliferation of devices intended to make it easier to read and watch content on the device. All manner of stands, holders and other accoutrement are now available – some for sale, and some DIY. Here are my top ten favorites:
1.  The Hipster. A product of Dublin Design Lab, the Hipster is a stand made out of… well, a pelvic bone. See a picture here.
2.  The “Weird Lego iPad Stand”. A product of one man’s enthusiasm for both the iPad and Lego. Check out a YouTube demo here. (This gentleman also wins for best soundtrack.)
3.  The Kiolink iPad purse. This thing turns your iPad into a purse with a neat design; it folds out into a stand. Check it out at Kiolink’s website.
4.  The ‘Hardware’ stand. Two hammers and a screwdriver, repurposed into an iPad stand. Check it out on Cult of Mac.
5. The FridgePad. Perfect for mounting your iPad to your refrigerator door when using it for recipes. Check it out at Woodford Design.
6.  The iBallz. Yes, iBallz. A nifty stand and protector that uses ‘shock-asborbing’ balls. Check it out at
7.  The Elite HTS Ergonomically Designed Chair Specifically Custom Tailored for Optimum iPad Use. Just $5,995. Get it here.
Seen any other great examples of ‘lean back’ iPad stands?