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The Economist Group is a global media and information-services company that exists to champion progress. Our brands are The Economist, Economist Impact, Economist Intelligence and Economist Education. We provide individuals and organisations with the expertise, insights and perspective to press forward.


Our history

Passion and precedent

The story of The Economist Group begins with the foundation in 1843 of The Economist newspaper by a Scottish businessman, James Wilson. A classical liberal, he successfully opposed the protectionist British Corn Laws. A belief in free trade, openness and the power of enlightened thinking to drive progress has inspired us ever since. It has paved the way to grow into a global—and increasingly digital—media company reaching a large, influential audience through our independent journalism and information services.

Our company

Independent, rigorous and open

The Economist Group pursues progress for individuals, organisations and the world. A leader in analysis, intelligence and influence, we combine local insight with global expertise to advise and inform millions. Our reporting, products and services build the capability to navigate the present and prepare for the future, and reflect our commitment to excellence and independent thought.

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Editorial independence

The Economist has been editorially independent since it was founded in September 1843 to take part “in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.” Trustees have rights designed to protect the continued independence of the ownership of the company and the editorial independence of The Economist.

The Economist Group is built on high-quality, independent analysis, which runs through all of its businesses. Based in London and serving a global readership and client base, the group creates content and products in digital and print formats, produces global events, and offers a range of subscription and other services for clients and subscribers.

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