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We are an organisation that exists to drive progress. Our businesses share a devotion to innovation, independence and rigour in their fields of expertise. We empower people to understand and tackle the critical challenges and changes facing the world. Our analytical rigour, global expertise and evidence-based insights enable individuals and organisations to make sense of these shifts and chart a course through them.

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The Economist

Radically independent journalism

The Economist makes sense of a changing world. With rigorous reporting, in-depth analysis and global perspective, we explain today’s most important events and seek to discern the trends that will shape tomorrow. At the core of everything we do is our independence. This is underpinned by our editorial culture and governance structure. Our only loyalty is to the facts and our founding mission.

For almost two centuries, The Economist has been committed to taking part “in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress”. Our roots are liberal in the classical sense. We were founded in 1843 to oppose Britain’s protectionist Corn Laws and have championed free markets, open societies and individual liberties ever since. We believe these are the foundations on which human progress thrives.


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“Our subscribers, who live in 159 countries, come to us for our rigour, global orientation and commitment to fair-mindedness in a polarising world.”

Bob Cohn

President/MD, The Economist

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Economist Impact

Global impact

Economist Impact combines the rigour of a think-tank with the creativity of a global media brand to inform discourse and drive change. Our partnerships enable solutions across many areas including sustainability, health and new globalisation. We work with NGOs, businesses, governments and international institutions to design partnerships that drive value across the organisation and impact in the world.


  • Policy research and insights
  • Data visualisation
  • Custom storytelling
  • Large scale and custom events
  • Media and advertising
  • Community and stakeholder engagement

Economist Impact operates at the intersection of people, planet and progress. Our solutions incorporate policy analysis, research, events, media, strategic relationships and data-solutions, in which we have 75 years of expertise. Our work enables the growth and advancement of organisations while driving positive outcomes in the world.


c-suite executives reached across America, APAC and Europe


for-profit global think-tank, ranked by the Lauder Institute


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Economist Intelligence

Applied analysis

Economist Intelligence uses data, analysis and forecasting to guide informed decisions by businesses and policymakers. Country, industry and risk analyses enable clients to navigate political and economic developments while data-driven analysis of medical-technology markets identifies growth opportunities. We also promote strategic networking via an exclusive global forum for senior executives.

Economist Intelligence consists of three related businesses—EIU (formerly The Economist Intelligence Unit), Corporate Network and Clearstate, which contributes to safe, healthy and successful societies across the world.

EIU excels in identifying opportunities, trends and risks on global and national levels and offering deep insights into critical economic and political developments.

Corporate Network is an exclusive professional networking forum for business leaders, blending the collective intelligence of The Economist Group with the global insight and experience of senior executives working in the world’s most exciting regions.

Clearstate is a data business helping clients in medical technology to discover new opportunities and formulate evidence-based strategies. Its specific focus is granular data in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and surgical sectors.


  • Economic and geopolitical insight
  • Forecasting economic trends
  • Country risk ratings
  • Country regulations and business practices
  • Market opportunity and entry strategies
  • Emerging and frontier market assessment
  • Executive networking
  • Medical technology markets

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country experts, analysts and economists


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Economist Education

Growing leaders

Economist Education equips current and future leaders with a fluent understanding of the shifts impacting their world and the skills to navigate them. Offering online courses led by expert practitioners and written by The Economist’s team of correspondents and editors, we enable individual learning and development in a globalised world.

Our multidisciplinary understanding makes complex subjects accessible to a global audience. We focus on applying insight to each learner's individual context.

We bring a fresh voice to education through:

  • An independent and data-driven perspective

  • Access to the viewpoints of world leaders in their fields

  • A balanced, global worldview

  • An outlook that is pro-business, pro-trade and pro-technology


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