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Economist Education offers executive-education courses that draw on the rigour and concision of the world’s experts alongside global thought leaders to provide excellence in learning. Covering a range of subjects, courses offer practical insights and specialist skills to participants from all walks of life.

The Economist Group believes in maximising learning opportunities for all at an early age. Its charity, The Economist Educational Foundation, specialises in educating and informing underprivileged young people worldwide.


Executive Education

Evolve your perception

Journalists and global figures contribute to creating executive-education courses, providing expert-level analysis with a wealth of real-world knowledge. Covering subjects as diverse as "Fintech and the future of finance", "Professional communication: business writing" and "International relations: China, Russia, the US and the future of geopolitics", our online courses ensure in-depth understanding to give professionals the tools to successfully navigate their environments.

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Climate change and business: sustainability, risk and the push for net zero

Learn how to build effective, climate-conscious business strategies

Get a practical grounding in the science and economics of climate change, examine the business risks and analyse corporate decarbonisation strategies in this six-week online course.

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Professional communication: business writing and storytelling

Take a “tools, not rules” approach to master writing for business.

This six-week online course covers how to write brilliantly for business, giving you the skills and insights needed to develop your career.

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Fintech and the future of finance

Gain a clear sense of where fintech is headed and how to position yourself and your organisation to benefit.

This six-week online course equips you with a future-focused view of the major issues, from personal fintech to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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International relations: China, Russia, the US and the future of geopolitics

Understand the implications of ongoing global change to ensure you lead effectively.

Centred on the US-China rivalry, this six-week online course is intended to deepen your understanding of geopolitics with specialist insight on the key issues.

"While I've come to expect no less than world-class content on the subject matter of this course from The Economist, I can say that I found it to be utterly engaging, thought-provoking and educational. The online learning experience was sensational and in my opinion sets a very high bar for other educators.”

Dave Dominy

CEO, FIRMA Foreign Exchange Corporation

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