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Identifying reward, navigating risk

We provide insight into the forces shaping the future. We analyse the world today and formulate predictions for tomorrow, enabling clients to make informed decisions and develop successful strategies which optimise operations and deliver profitable growth.

Economist Intelligence consists of three separate businesses—EIU, Corporate Network and Clearstate, which provide rich data, deep analysis and global insight. These businesses enable clients to be strategically informed, successfully navigate issues and move organisations forward.



Global market intelligence

EIU excels in identifying opportunities, trends and risks on global and national levels and offering deep insights into complex economic and political developments. It advises on country-specific implications for strategic plans, business operations and investment decisions.

Economist Corporate Network

An elite professional network

Corporate Network is a forum for sharing the expertise of senior executives working in the world’s most exciting regions with business leaders to help solve a range of complex problems and grow best practice. It offers particular focus on regions from Africa and the Middle East to Asia.


Discover new opportunities in medtech

Clearstate works with clients in medical technology to discover new market opportunities and formulate evidence-based strategies. Its specific focus is granular data for key market segments, including the IVD and surgical sectors.

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