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Forge a career that matches your ambition. We have four growing global businesses, each offering a range of fascinating career paths and opportunities. Whether your forte is data interpretation or journalism, technological transformation or marketing, you’ll have the opportunity to work in partnership with some of the world’s most curious minds to drive innovation and progress. Working with colleagues across 23 offices from Singapore to New York, in 23 countries including the UK and India, you will influence the influencers and inform the thought-leaders.

Delve into a sampling of the exciting roles in our global ecosystem. Ready to join us?

Tech, product and pmo


Our 200-strong team is at the heart of The Economist Group’s digital-first agenda. The majority of our 1.1 million subscribers now access The Economist digitally, and we are creating digital products that can bring data, intelligence and analysis to a global audience in new ways. It’s an approach that is driven from the top. Our board includes Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, and Diego Piacentini, former senior vice-president of international consumer business at Amazon.

We operate 100% in the Cloud, with a varied tech stack including TypeScript, NodeJS, Graphql, React & React Native, .Net, ElasticSearch, Serverless, No-SQL & SQL DB, Salesforce, Zuora, Snowflake, CircleCI, NewRelic, Firebase and AWS.

From our tech hub in India and across our offices in London, Birmingham, Hong Kong and New York, we work to make the latest news, analysis and insights more accessible. Whether transforming how our subscribers engage with us or engineering new mobile apps, you can develop and share your skills across a variety of innovative technologies and products.



As part of the Marketing team at The Economist Group you have the ability to connect with the world's most influential people and shape how they navigate some of the pressing issues of our time from climate change to the future of work.

We provide excellent opportunities to expand your skills and experience in b2c and b2b. You could design multi-channel creative campaigns, run performance marketing and lead generation channels, develop customer engagement strategies, or launch events, apps and new products across the globe.

Colleagues regularly collaborate to find new ways to deliver insights through immersive storytelling; attract, engage and retain subscribers and clients; and connect with our 56 million social media followers to push progress forward. If you value a mission-driven company and enjoy influencing the world's stage, this could be just the place for you. With offices in India, France, Hong Kong, Dubai, London New York and Singapore, we have a truly international team.

“My current role, focusing on delivering new subscriber acquisitions for The Economist, has allowed me to develop personally and professionally. There are fresh business needs that expose me to new situations and challenges to resolve. It's exciting to work with my team and I'm constantly learning."

Dhiren Patel

Senior marketing manager, audience development

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Impact partnerships


Our client strategists coordinate and optimise our capabilities to enable clients to drive progress. Digital strategists, innovators and product specialists create compelling formats to communicate and share research, editorial and custom content with global audiences. Expert storytellers, data designers, digital producers and creative visionaries elevate messages, ensuring stories are infused with market-appropriate meaning. They work alongside a dedicated audio visual team, client branded editors and social media marketers to maximise reach and impact.

Research and business analysis


We have a collaborative culture, full of discussion and debate, with compelling opportunities to learn and develop. Our researchers and analysts work across six countries and 200 markets to bring clients intelligence that moves them forward. We have one of the largest teams of this kind in the world. The data, forecasting and in-depth insights we develop enable governments and businesses to make vital economic and public policy decisions, manage risk and lead the global discussion on important issues.

Our country and regional experts gather and analyse information on politics, the environment, technology, business and key industrial sectors to develop a holistic picture of each geographical area. Being part of a community of people of all ages and many nationalities, all deeply curious about the country they are reporting on is highly stimulating.

“There’s a highly cosmopolitan and intellectually engaging atmosphere. I regularly work with teams across the Americas, Europe and Asia. I have the privilege of working on some of the most important issues facing the world, including the coronavirus pandemic.”

Andrew Salomone Viteritti

Commerce and regulation lead, EIU Global Forecasting

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Global events


We bring intelligent debate to life with close-knit teams in operations, sales, marketing and content. Covering topics from sustainability, global treasury or the future of work, the areas we explore are as varied as our global locations. Every year, we design and curate more than 100 events held in 30 countries, partnering with corporations, foundations, NGOs and governments to explore important themes from technological change to circular economies.

We bring leaders together and partner with innovative companies to affect change. Whether you're creating a large-scale event for 12,000 globally influential attendees, or a small customised webinar designed to enable a client to target a specific audience, you can join an agile, energetic team with the chance to innovate, learn and develop.

“Since joining, I have had the opportunity to work with many teams around the world on global events, while still having a strong focus on our local market here in Dubai. TEG actively encourages a work/life balance, allowing me the flexibility to be a working mum and still providing me the opportunities for further growth and development.”

Tanya Walls

Project director, global events

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We work in close partnership with clients, empowering them to access the intelligence that drives progress. From policy and research for governments across the globe, to bespoke events and data visualisation solutions for the world’s leading corporations, our offering is varied. Subscriptions, media and advertising, white papers, conferences, economic research and interactive digital solutions that tell compelling stories —across our Group we create and deliver them all.

These are highly collaborative roles. We value strong relationships not only with our clients, but also with our marketing, content, research and analysis teams in 23 offices around the globe. The Economist Group actively empowers colleagues to develop their careers across countries, sectors and our brand portfolio.



Colleagues at The Economist Group work with a range of experts in disciplines from data analysis to event creation, who share your fascination with the world’s most important developments. They create research and engagement programmes on critical economic and public-policy issues, providing evidence and insight to governments, international organisations and corporations. Working in this environment, you will develop world-class consulting skills.

We operate across distinctive, thematic practice areas: health; globalisation, trade and finance; sustainability, climate change and natural resources; technology and society. From benchmarking to political analysis, literature reviews to customer modelling, the types of research you deliver will be both illuminating and impactful.