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Excellence in technology

Influence the influencers from our global technology hub in Gurugram

The data, analysis and forecasting services we create are essential to thought leaders everywhere including CEOs, think tanks and governments

Shape the web applications and data platforms that empower them to access that knowledge in innovative ways. This is no offshoring operation: it is one of five global technology hubs where you can develop a career in the Cloud, access senior leaders and work with a team that’s doubled in size in the last year alone.


Our technology landscape

At The Economist Group, we have a digital-first strategy that inspires us to create ever more inventive, flexible and personalised ways to serve our clients. This is a strategy that is endorsed by our Board including Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, and Diego Piacentini, former senior vice-president of international consumer business at Amazon.

We operate 100% in the Cloud, with a varied tech stack including TypeScript, NodeJS, Graphql, React & React Native, .Net, ElasticSearch, Serverless, No-SQL & SQL DB, Salesforce, Zuora, Snowflake, CircleCI, NewRelic, Firebase and AWS. Join us and you will have the chance to work on back end, front end and data projects, often designing and delivering complete end-to-end solutions.

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Meet the team

From enjoying a better balance between work and life, to benefiting from the chance to collaborate with teams around the world, our people share what it is like to be part of our Gurugram technology hub.

Umang Jain Senior software engineer

Our work

Supplying the world with game-changing data

Our data and analysis is sought after by customers from the United Nations to the world’s most successful companies. Here in Gurugram, we worked with teams around the world to create EIU Viewpoint, an online platform that provides global, regional and country level analysis for nearly 200 markets, along with 20,000 data series every month. We developed this Cloud-based web application within a year, using React, working closely with strategy and marketing teams, from New York to London.

API functionality is transforming the way customers experience our products and services. From direct data transference to a modern web interface with advanced search and alert capabilities, we are building a more connected, more efficient future.

Data analytics to drive the future of The Economist Group

The Economist Group needed an advanced data analytics platform, to help us better understand our customers and how they engage with us. Our Gurugram team worked on the end-to-end design, build and support of this consolidated platform. It can deliver key insights on personalised customer journeys and provide vital predictive models to help shape the future of the Group. This scalable Cloud-based data platform was created using Snowflake and AWS, combining a powerful range of platforms from Salesforce, and Zuora to Tableau and Google Analytics. As we work in agile teams with everyone from marketing to business analysts, we continue to create the next generation of insights.