The Board is comprised of individuals with superlative skills in their specialist fields. Their vision and commitment to excellence continues to guide The Economist Group in its development and dedication to global progress. The role of the Board is to promote the long-term success of The Economist and the company as a whole. The Board determines the long-term strategy of the Group, with the added responsibility of preserving its unique independent editorial voice.

Board committees

The Board has established audit and risk, remuneration and nomination committees which have written terms of reference.

The audit and risk committee is made up of three non-executive directors. Chaired by Lady Heywood, the other members are Georgina Cadbury and Eli Goldstein. The committee’s role, on behalf of the Board, is to ensure that the internal team produces reliable financial information, such that our published financial statements give a true and fair view of the business. The committee is also responsible for reviewing risk, the suitability and effectiveness of the Group’s internal financial controls, the work and findings of both our internal and our external auditors, key accounting policies and judgments, and corporate governance.

Our remuneration committee is chaired by Lord Deighton and its other members are Lady Heywood and Vindi Banga. The committee is responsible for the remuneration policy for senior executives of the Group and the policy and structure of pay and Group bonus schemes for colleagues generally.

Our nomination committee is chaired by Lord Deighton and its other members are Eli Goldstein and Lady Heywood. It is responsible for Board succession planning. Its aim is to make sure that the Board has a diverse range of directors who between them have a breadth of experience in useful and relevant areas.

The Board has also appointed a technology committee comprising Lady Heywood, Diego Piacentini and Mustafa Suleyman. Its role is to oversee and provide guidance on digital products and technology projects.