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Results for the 12 months ended March 31 2023:

  • The Group’s revenues grew by 9% compared with the prior year at actual exchange rates and by 2% at constant currency

  • Operating profit was £42.2m, lower than last year as expected—reflecting our planned investments in technology, editorial and digital capabilities, and including restructuring costs, all designed to position the Group for future growth

  • Subscriber numbers at The Economist were 1,182,000, in line with last year

  • Digital subscriptions for The Economist grew by 13%, making up 75% of new starts for the year

  • Economist Impact revenues grew by 10% despite market headwinds

  • Economist Impact’s 200+ in-person, virtual and hybrid events delivered record revenues 

  • Economist Intelligence’s revenue grew by 14%, driven by improved sales of new subscriptions and a 95% EIU subscriber retention rate 

  • In its second year, Economist Education expanded its executive-education course offerings and doubled its student enrollment

  • The Group’s annual greenhouse-gas emissions have reduced 20% since base year 2020

Results for the six months ended September 30th 2022:

  • Half-year revenues for the Group were £179.3m

  • Revenues grew £19.7m or 13% compared with the prior year, and by 5% at constant currency

  • The Group’s half-year operating profit of £20.1m was, as expected, lower than last year, reflecting our planned investment in technology, editorial and digital capabilities

  • The Economist subscriber volumes have remained flat however retention remains strong, with churn down substantially and now at historically low levels

  • More and more customers are choosing digital - 52% of subscriptions were digital-only, compared with 45% last year

  • Economist Impact has performed strongly across both Partnerships and Events with revenues of £53.2m, an increase of 33%. The Events business delivered its flagship ‘International’ event in person

  • Economist Intelligence revenues increased by 15% to £25.2m driven by its core subscription business and Clearstate, our healthcare offer

  • Economist Education, though still small, continues to grow and launched a new website in September

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